The need for water is one of humans and animals alike, most basic need. However basic that need is, it has become throughout the years a very hard need to fulfill in many under developed countries around the world.

In our every day lives here in the USA and in other developed countries around the glove, we sometimes take the availability of clean and safe water very much for granted. Now, imagine a situation in which the availability of clean, safe water was none existent.

Millions of people around the world right now, are dealing with this unavailability, women, children, older people and also the animals they sometimes rely on for milk are having to all drink from the same dirty, unhealthy sources of water.

Often times their only source of drinking water is a hole on the ground that they have to walk, sometimes for hours to get to only to get muddy, unsafe water, that only leads to disease and sometimes even death. Some people may argue that this is a problem that should be tackled by the government in those countries.

But the reality is that, far too many of the government in those regions do not have the funds, resources and sometimes even the desire to alleviate this crisis. That is why we've decided that since we at Online Penny Bank have been blessed to live in one of the greatest countries in the world. The USA, we are going to do our part in helping others.

After donating, personally to an awesome charity called, Charity Water. We came to the realization that our efforts will be greater if we just donated a portion of our profits to these life saving organization. These charity has been doing a magnificent job in bringing hope of free, clean and safe water to many people around the glove.

The way they do it is by using private donors to cover their operation costs, in turn that makes it possible to use 100% of our donations to take care of the water crisis relief efforts. So far, they've funded 28,389 water projects for 8.2 million people around the world. I think that's an astounding achievement, but I know we can help to do more.

I do believe that together we can achieve the goal to make water clean, safe and available for everyone on earth. Thank you for your help.